Tiny Township Real Estate Listings

Spreading over 70 kilometres of shoreline, Tiny Township is here to prove you that the word “tiny” has nothing to do with the concept of this township.

Tiny Township is the true pearl of Georgian Bay – a hidden paradise with vast and abundant ridges, farmland, shoreline and forest.  Due to the peacefulness it offers, Tiny Township is mostly populated by retired residents, nature lovers and people who have decided to choose the rural lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Located in the southern Georgian Bay, east of Midland and west of Springwater Township and Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, this place is slowly but steadily growing up in population every year. In the past, Tiny Township was only good for a cottage, but years went by and the township developed slowly, and today it is considered as a quite nice place for a year-round living. As a result, nowadays, Tiny Township is encouraging individuals with home-based business to think about moving to this place where they can work without limitations and enjoy nature’s beauty. 

 Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildfire Area where you can go for a quest through the marsh and experience a true adventure.  Tiny also has an abundance of beautiful beaches among which the most visited are Balm Beach, Jackson Park, Lafontaine Beach Park, Woodland Beach and Bluewater Beach.

For sports lovers, Tiny offers a great deal of facilities and recreational programs that are maintained by local volunteers who are always willing to improve everything that can be used for recreation and relaxation. Tiny also has golf courses, shuffleboards and tennis courts.

All in all, although it seems small, Tiny has everything that a you can wish for to be satisfied with your life, and that makes this township big, and your heart full.

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